Eye of Harmony and the Silent Sea (serene23) wrote in fans_of_live,
Eye of Harmony and the Silent Sea

"Songs From Black Mountain"

So, what does everyone that has heard the album think. I would say on a start rating from Zero to **** it gets ** 1/2. It saddens me to say it, but I am not impressed. I know everyone rags on "Birds of Pray" (an album that I thoroughly enjoyed) but this is the one that gets the title of WOrst Live Album. It has 3 really amazing tracks ( "Show", "Sofia" and "Night of Nights") that are up there with the bands best, but it has many cringeworthy songs ( "You Are Not Alone", "All I Need", "Love SHines") as well. The rest are a mixed bag, "Mystery" would be really good with the strings removed. "Get Ready" is tolerable, a bit too countryish, but far from bad. "Wings" is a tad cheesy, very WB. "Home" is ruined by awful lyrics, but the music itself I like. ANd "Where Do We Go From Here?" made no impression at all, I can't remember what it sounds like.

So would I recommend it? To the fans, well, you will get it regardless, but to friends that are not familiar with them, no, i really wouldn't. Which makes me really sad to say. I would recommend "Birds of Pray", as well as "V". But this album, not so much.

1) The River
2) Mystery
3) Get Ready
4) Show
5) Wings
6) Sofia
7) Love Shines
8) Where Do We Go From Here?
9) Home
10) All I Need
11) You Are Not Alone
12) Night Of Nights

Release Date: June 13th, 2006 (US)
Label: Epic Records
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