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LIVE dreams

A post in another community I watch got me thinking about the weird LIVE drems I've had. There've been maybe a dozen I remember because I write them down, but by far my favorite was one I had years ago.

For some reason Ed and the boys, along with my classmates and me were in my gradeschool auditorium listening to the principal talk on about hell know what. When everyone was filing out they started talking about what a drag that was, although I didn't hear most of it because I filed off to lunch and looking forward to my sandwich. But the idiot sitting across the table from me spilled strawberries on it and I was just yelling at them when someone calls out to me from the end of the table- it's Ed, and he's laughing. "Try putting some syrup on it" he says, "Syrup makes all food taste better." I wish I knew what happened after that but my mother woke me up and it ended.

Weird, but I thought someone might find it amusing. And maybe someone has an idea where the hell syrup plays into this. Have there been any statements about syrup and it's a great conspiracy, or are my dreams just weird.

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