Eye of Harmony and the Silent Sea (serene23) wrote in fans_of_live,
Eye of Harmony and the Silent Sea

good stuff

From Chad Taylors MYSPACE BLOG. I hope we get some good stuff that hasn't been played in a while!!!! "Unsheathed" anyone anyone!!?

After two very long days of rehearsing we have worked up some really, really fun material for the May/US dates. I'm betting many of you will be thrilled with the selections. I would tell you what we worked on but that would spoil the surprise of those lucky few who got tickets....sorry if you don't have one. Can you believe it's been five years since we launched a word tour. I don't count anything shorter than a 6 month run, so that means we haven't done the US like this since the Live/Counting Crows run after Distance. Fuck! With more than 35 songs in the current batch were more than ready for some extra long shows for the fans who show us the most love. SFBM, AWAKE, BOP, V, TDTH, SS, TC and MJ all represented! See you soon or it could be another five years..."
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