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What the hell people. [Saturday, the 19th of December, 2009 // 3:31am]

[ mood | pissed off ]

What is wrong with everyone here? Are we this pathetic that the band broke the fuck up and no one can even say a fucking word? Seriously. Somebody could at least mention it before they wander off to do absolutely nothing.

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open 8 am to sunset [Saturday, the 28th of April, 2007 // 4:27am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Has anybody here ever been to Otter Creek? I had my music running at random and the song came up- it just struck me with this overwhelming urge to want to go there and see if that sign's still there.

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white men can't dance [Monday, the 21st of August, 2006 // 2:49am]

[ mood | amused ]

An article I thought some of you may enjoy.


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It would be cool if it was real [Thursday, the 3rd of August, 2006 // 2:00am]

While skimmimg ebay in the ever impossible effort to find LIVE things I came across this.


I was excited at first but the more I think about it the less and less likley it seems to be real. I've been to enough shows that I would have seen it by now on somebody. And since when did they have shirts for MJ, or the money to make them? Not to mention that it's the Copper logo...

Too bad. It's a cool picture.

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Live at the Myth, 08/10, 9:00pm [Saturday, the 8th of July, 2006 // 11:01am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Live is playing the Myth, a nightclub/concert venue in Maplewood (Twin Cities) Minnesota on Thursday, August 10 at 9:00 pm.
(I'm posting this here for folks who might not have hit the site recently)

Tickets went on sale an hour ago, and i've got one for me and one for my sister who's coming up from Iowa to see the show. :-D

I saw them at the Myth last October, and it was an incredible show. I really like the Myth as a venue.

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[Wednesday, the 28th of June, 2006 // 12:29pm]

I saw the LiVE show at the Birmingham Crawfish Boil. It was fabulous except for the POD fans that were all drunk and trying to mosh around me. That just makes it hard to focus on the music and the band.

The other thing was that I was the oldest around my area! I was the only one who know the old songs! I'm only 28. When did that get old?!?!?!

Has anyone else seen them recently? Good show?
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good stuff [Thursday, the 4th of May, 2006 // 11:17am]

From Chad Taylors MYSPACE BLOG. I hope we get some good stuff that hasn't been played in a while!!!! "Unsheathed" anyone anyone!!?

After two very long days of rehearsing we have worked up some really, really fun material for the May/US dates. I'm betting many of you will be thrilled with the selections. I would tell you what we worked on but that would spoil the surprise of those lucky few who got tickets....sorry if you don't have one. Can you believe it's been five years since we launched a word tour. I don't count anything shorter than a 6 month run, so that means we haven't done the US like this since the Live/Counting Crows run after Distance. Fuck! With more than 35 songs in the current batch were more than ready for some extra long shows for the fans who show us the most love. SFBM, AWAKE, BOP, V, TDTH, SS, TC and MJ all represented! See you soon or it could be another five years..."
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New to the community [Friday, the 21st of April, 2006 // 1:43pm]

I just found this community. Yay! I've been listening to Live since the early '90s.

If I had to pick a favorite album, I would have to go with Throwing Copper; although I'm going through a spell of loving The Distance to Here.

I'm rather excited because I'm going to my first Live show next month in Cleveland, OH - it's about a 4-5 hour drive, but it's as close as they are getting to me.
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"Songs From Black Mountain" [Monday, the 17th of April, 2006 // 5:31pm]

So, what does everyone that has heard the album think. I would say on a start rating from Zero to **** it gets ** 1/2. It saddens me to say it, but I am not impressed. I know everyone rags on "Birds of Pray" (an album that I thoroughly enjoyed) but this is the one that gets the title of WOrst Live Album. It has 3 really amazing tracks ( "Show", "Sofia" and "Night of Nights") that are up there with the bands best, but it has many cringeworthy songs ( "You Are Not Alone", "All I Need", "Love SHines") as well. The rest are a mixed bag, "Mystery" would be really good with the strings removed. "Get Ready" is tolerable, a bit too countryish, but far from bad. "Wings" is a tad cheesy, very WB. "Home" is ruined by awful lyrics, but the music itself I like. ANd "Where Do We Go From Here?" made no impression at all, I can't remember what it sounds like.

So would I recommend it? To the fans, well, you will get it regardless, but to friends that are not familiar with them, no, i really wouldn't. Which makes me really sad to say. I would recommend "Birds of Pray", as well as "V". But this album, not so much.

1) The River
2) Mystery
3) Get Ready
4) Show
5) Wings
6) Sofia
7) Love Shines
8) Where Do We Go From Here?
9) Home
10) All I Need
11) You Are Not Alone
12) Night Of Nights

Release Date: June 13th, 2006 (US)
Label: Epic Records
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Free iPod (not scam, i swear) [Wednesday, the 29th of March, 2006 // 9:27am]

Hi everyone. I know I don't post to this community very often, but this is pretty cool. I found this site, http://ipods.freepay.com/?r=28893614, where you can get a free iPod. All you have to do is register for one of the free available services, refer five other people, and you'll get a free ipod nano or ipod video.

Don't worry, I'm not some crazy spammer or part of any "congo line", but this is the real deal. I did some research, and I found this two articles: http://www.geek.com/news/geeknews/2004Aug/gee20040819026544.htm and http://www3.netmart.com/free-ipod.htm. Both of the articles say that this particular site has been around for a while, and actually is legit.

If you guys are interested, it's pretty easy. Just register on the site, then choose one of the offered free trials (I would personally suggest the RealArcade trial, because Real/RealPlayer is an authentic and reliable company/program. Not only is it free, but I immediately ended my trial after beginning it). After that, just get five other people to register and you should get an iPod.

Thanks for reading my post. Bye everyone.
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zomg [Thursday, the 23rd of February, 2006 // 2:31am]


This amused me. I thought it might amuse someone else as well.
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As we go forward... [Monday, the 20th of February, 2006 // 2:38am]

I'm listening to some really old concert recordings right now, and they're just fantastic... As much as I love the boys they've got incrediably repetive at their shows lately. Not that I'd stop going whenever they're around, but man. I just listened to Mother Earth is a Vicious Crowd, Ghost and Iris. You'd never find them playing anything like that now...

With the new allbum coming out, this has me concerned. Ed can't do more than an hour a night because of the strain on his voice. So what songs are going to get booted from the lineup? Will we stop hearing anything from MJ, or loose more TDTH stuff as Black Mountian songs enter the lineup? Are we just going to hear singles as time procedes (though that's for the most part what's happening now)? Anyone else have any thoughts?

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im sure this has been done before [Wednesday, the 23rd of November, 2005 // 11:22am]

hey was just wondering if anyone wanted to do this.

Pick a live song, post lyrics, and a reason or story behind it, like why it is imp to u, mayb the lyrics really hit home to u at the time and helped u in some way.or mayb it was playin at a certain imp place or time...and post it...i dont want this commun to die so sorry if this seems like a borin idea or anything.
i will do mine later when i aint so tired and my fingers are not so cold :)
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LIVE dreams [Sunday, the 16th of October, 2005 // 5:34pm]

A post in another community I watch got me thinking about the weird LIVE drems I've had. There've been maybe a dozen I remember because I write them down, but by far my favorite was one I had years ago.

For some reason Ed and the boys, along with my classmates and me were in my gradeschool auditorium listening to the principal talk on about hell know what. When everyone was filing out they started talking about what a drag that was, although I didn't hear most of it because I filed off to lunch and looking forward to my sandwich. But the idiot sitting across the table from me spilled strawberries on it and I was just yelling at them when someone calls out to me from the end of the table- it's Ed, and he's laughing. "Try putting some syrup on it" he says, "Syrup makes all food taste better." I wish I knew what happened after that but my mother woke me up and it ended.

Weird, but I thought someone might find it amusing. And maybe someone has an idea where the hell syrup plays into this. Have there been any statements about syrup and it's a great conspiracy, or are my dreams just weird.

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Live at the Myth in Maplewood (St. Paul, MN) [Saturday, the 1st of October, 2005 // 12:06pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I just bought my ticket online for the show tonight at the Myth in Maplewood. Doors at 6, show starts at 7. I'm so excited. I've never seen them in concert, and it's a small-er venue, so...

i'll post a reaction after the show, if folks would like.

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[Tuesday, the 20th of September, 2005 // 1:39pm]

The last post made me think of all the Live stuff I have amassed over the years. Just for fun, here's some pics. (These are all about 3 to 4 years old, from when I was in grade 11.)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
There's the Live swivelly chair which I painted myself! (Not pictured are my Throwing Copper and Mental Jewelry-themed speakers - I painted the church on the cliff from the cover of TC and the frame from the cover of MJ on each of my speakers. Awesome!)
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The dream playlist [Monday, the 19th of September, 2005 // 11:00pm]

After wandering through a website with the playlists for a bunch of Live concerts throughout their career I started to notice better something I already knew on my own- as wonderful as the boys are in concert they have a tendancy to just play the same small number of songs every time.

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What would you guys consider a perfect playlist? Whyso? feel free to critique mine.

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[Friday, the 16th of September, 2005 // 5:23pm]

Any LA are people have 2 tix for Lives Anaheim show on Sunday? Thanks.

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